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Kylie is still an 'ol fart of a cat, under a year but acts so lazy. Yuki is the same size and should be larger soon. She has learned to sleep on the fridge and taught Kylie to jump in and behind drawers for fun. Luckily, they were trained to come when we shake a jar of kittie treats. They found the stash of food and would get into it and feast all day and night. Had to re-locate the kibble.

Sloppy heart.

We now have a total of 3 cardboard boxes for them.

Sleeping cats. Yuki sleeps with her tummy towards the screen and her feet up in the air. Kylie stretches out and turns all around like a corkscrew.

Getting some air.

One day she found out TP is fun to play with. She attacks it where ever and whenever she finds some.


Water, I have a picture of Kylie drinking too, but I guess I haven't uploaded it yet.

Big ears.

Chocolate kitten toes!
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