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Update on my three

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Mmkay, so I recently switched my two kitties and the puppy to raw. For those of you who followed my thread, you know how difficult Kyra was being. Yeah, that hasn't changed. :fust I figured out the problem though. She so far ONLY likes beef. One of the more expensive meats. GAAH.

Tucker loooves anything and everything I put in front of his face, the lil piggie. Today he ate a chicken drumstick, some gizzards, a bit of chicken liver, some chicken breast with ground eggshell. He gnaws at the bone in the drumstick, but is still too little to make much progress on it. He is a good little eater. :)

Seymour is a little picky for a dog. He still gives me the 'is this all' look when I give him chicken feet, liver, hearts, or gizzards. :p He eats it, but HAS to give me that look first. Today he had tinned tuna and chicken breast. He is going to get some hearts and gizzards for dinner though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts really don't need ground egg shells if you are giving bone. Ground egg shells take place of bone for pets that don't eat bone. Usual dose is a pinch per meal for bone replacement.

Anyways, congrats! Sounds like you're doing great! Feels great when your furbabies make progress! :)
Beth, Tucker is still quite young, almost 14 weeks. He gnaws on chicken leg bones, but cannot make more than the smallest amount of progress.

I gave Tucker an adult gerbil today. :D I had the thing for breeding, but it had been MONTHS with no successful mating and the male has bitten and drawn blood on occasion, so I was done. I dispatched the pair humanely(with cervical dislocation) and fed the male to Tucker. I had to remove a bit of fur and cut a slit into the skin before Tuck could make the connection that it was food. Once he got it though, he ate it with gusto. Took him a half hour give or take to eat the whole thing, tail and all. Not bad for his first time with whole prey bigger than a pinkie.

The female is in the freezer for later. :D

And an update on the mouse colony: The five babies are alllllmost weaning age, in a couple of days I am going to remove the stronger pups to a holding tank and let the two younger ones continue to nurse for another couple days to a week. My second adult female is pregnant, due between 4 days to a week. the male is still in with her, Can't decide if I want her to have a back to back litter or not. =/
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