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I haven't been around much.. actually, I haven't been here in a while at all.
Just wanted to stop by, see what everyone was up to, see how all the furbabies were doing and give a little insight on my furbaby.

Shug is nearly 7 months old now. She hasn't grown that much, so I suppose she's reached her full size.

I've learned a lot of her personality from these few months that I've had her.
She loves tummy rubs, and if she's hungry, even if 7am in the morning, she'll wake me up. She's pretty easily frightened, and she's terrified of my dad.

She's super hyper (guess that's her inner kitten talking), and loves to dash through the living room.
It's quite funny, because she slides across the floor (we have hard-wood flooring), sometimes even slipping and crashing into a nearby wall.
She also loves her cat tree and sitting in the window during the day time.

She rarely sleeps with me, and doesn't interact with me very often unless I go to pet her or something.
She seems to be a loner, probably because she was a lonesome stray. However, I give her love and attention whether she wants it or not. ♥

Here are some updated photos of her:

I wish she'd help fold the mountain of laundry instead of laying on it!

This was her FIRST time of willingly coming over and crawling up in my lap to lay. I was working on a Sudoku puzzle; I guess she wanted to help. ;D
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