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Urinary tract infection

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So this morning our female siamese started piddling about 10 or drops of pee at random on the floor. So I immediately called the vet and got her in. Because her bladder was currently empty he just gave her a long acting antibiotic and said if it was a urinary tract infection it should clear up and you should notice a difference in her behavior soon. (of course this could be a psychological problem) Anyways, I wasn't 100% sure where to post this and since you all have been so very helpful thought I would ask here. What can we give our cats to ensure proper urinary tract health?? Is there something I can add to their raw diet that they won't mind? We have lost one cat a few years ago to crystals, so anything bladder related scares me. And yes another reason why we wanted to switch to raw. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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I am sure others will chime in, but proper hydration is the main thing. Even with the raw, I like to add a little water wherever I can sneak it in. I mix the blood (gravy ;) ) with water and that encourages the kitties to keep drinking.
AC, thank you for chiming in. I wish I had done more research on it before bringing her in. Unfortunately I acted on fear first since we've lost one cat in the past to crystals, I know that bladder problems can be a life or death thing.

Funny you mention renovating, we moved into a fixer upper about a year and half ago and it's been a work in progress since. Her potty problems are probably more related to inflammation then and infection and we are now paying a price for the long acting antibiotic. We have a very sick kitty at the moment and will have to bring her back in tomorrow. After wracking my brain on what could be the cause of her not eating and drinking and sleeping all day and just not acting like herself, I finally found out that, that antibiotic can make cats very sick and cause death. :???: Her gums are still pink and her skin snaps back but I'm afraid that won't last forever since she's not taking anything in. And because the antibiotic is in the system and can't be removed, this could get really bad and can actually stay in the system for up to 2 months. I'm hoping and praying she'll be doing better by morning, but still terrified this won't end well. So I will no longer be making hasty decisions about my cats bladder health like that ever again if they otherwise seem fine.

Again thank you for chiming in.
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