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urinary tract problem

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My senior cat was fine this a.m. urinating normally. About 4:00 pm. she started pacing back & forth to the litter pan so I knew what was coming. It's been about a year since she had this problem. I made her a bed by her litter pan so I could keep an eye on where & how much she was urinating. I noticed she had also urinated a small amt of bloody urine in the clothes basket. The only way I can describe what I found on her bed was that it looks like a Craisin surrounded by bloody urine. It's dark red & about 1/2" long. There is no stone in it. I saved it to take to the vet with her in the morning. Has anyone seen this before or know what it is? Could it be the lining of the bladder or a blood clot? I've had a lot of cats with urinary problems but never saw anything like this.

She's on wet & organic home prepared food & distilled water. What else can I do? She had long acting antibiotics & steroids about a months ago for another problem which is why I'm surprised she would have an infection. Thanks.
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Sounds like a clot to me, most likely reason is infection or crystals.
Sounded like mayabe a blood clot.....give us an update what the vet says. Hope she'll soon be OK.
BTW...I would reconsider the use of distilled water. See this article:

Water Water Everywhere, but What’s a Cat to Drink? | Little Big Cat
UTI is the least likely possibility. Idiopathic cystitis is a much more common problem in cats and can cause bloody urine and clots. Urinary crystals is another possibility. When you take your girl in tomorrow morning, request that urine be extracted by cystocentesis and examined immediately. That's the ONLY way to acquire a sterile urine sample that can be accurately tested for UTI. If your vet believes that a UTI is present, insist on a urine CULTURE, not just a urinalysis. The culture will identify the specific bacteria present (if there is any) so that your vet can prescribe an antibiotic targeted to kill that specific bacteria. The culture will take a few days to return results, so if your vet suspects UTI, he may prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic in the meantime that he may change after seeing the results of the culture.

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Thanks everyone! Thank goodness she is feeling better after passing whatever it was. She had a nap and ate something. I will reconsider the distilled water after seeing the vet. I do get upset when my baby is sick.
Thanks again.
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