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I need help. Big help.

I have a 14-year-old tabby cat, mildly overweight, indoor, an only cat. She's always been afraid of rain and thunder, and would occasionally urinate on the carpet in fear (she was outside in a storm once).

That was years ago.

Now that she's older, she'll sometimes pee for no reason at all. She poops on the carpet and won't go downstairs (the designated 'cat area') when we yell at her to. It's really terrible. She goes when light rain hits the air conditioner and makes a noise. She goes when a loud truck drives by on the road.

She's peed on the couch - multiple times, on both sides of the cushions. She expels matter on the recliner, the armchair, under every endtable, under the computer desk, on the stairs landing, in bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, hallways... I can't remember the last hairball I cleaned up. They're fine!

There is no corner of this medium-to-large house that this cat has not peed or pooped in. I could use stronger language, but I won't.

Honestly, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? It's driving my family up the wall and we've started fighting amongst each other about it. Personally - I'm starting to be afraid of thunderstorms now. She's a fickle cat, but otherwise well-mannered. Her litterbox isn't cleaned too often, but it's never let to go out of control - incase you were wondering.

I really need help. I know it's grim, but how long do cats live on average? It pains me to lose her, but at least the house won't smell like hot cat **** all the time.

I am her ambassador to you. I chose her from the Animal Protective League, and of everyone in the family, I'm her favorite. I beg you - What Can I Do?
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