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When I was younger I lived with a couple roomates. I had a fixed male cat, who was very well behaved. For some reson one of my roommates would always put him outside when I was not home.
I was very often not at home so the cat was getting let out alot. He hated being outside! So he would pee all over my roomates things whenever he had a chance to. He peed on his bed, his clothes, he even jumped into his open car window and peed in his car!
So I defenately think a cat can and does pee out of spite.
However, knowing that your cat is an older cat that has never done this before would make me wonder if there may possibly be something else going on. I would at least talk to a vet and ask them before you make up your mind to get rid of your cat.
Let me know what you decide to do!
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