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My girlfriend and I have been living together in a towhouse that we rent. When my girlfriend moved in she brought her cat with her and this was about a year and 3 months ago.

The cat is about 3 years old, male, nueterd, and front de-clawed. Very nice cat, does not like to be touched unless he approaches you, then you can pet him all you want. I like the cat and he's been pretty fond of me.

In the begining, the cat never wanted to go out side. He was an indoor cat, but in the past year, we have left the door open in the summer time and he has slowely made his way out the door and ventured around. We didn't mind that. Now, that he likes to go outside, he whines at the door untill we let him out, If we shut the door behind him, he whines imediatly to get back in. I think he just likes to have the flexability to go in and out when ever he wants.

Now that it is getting colder, we do not want to let him go out when it is raining or wet out. He can get dirty pretty quickly and we do not want him getting the house all dirty.

In the past 2 weeks, he has started urinating in different spots, but I think he does it out of spite.

Last week I was packing for a business trip and we had to go to the store to get something. I packed my suitcase and left it open sitting on the floor. When we left to go to the store, the cat ran out, so I quickly grabbed the bag of treats, that he so much loves, and rattled the bag. Once he heard that, he came back into the house and I gave him a few and then we left.

When we got back from the store, I opend the front door only to see the cat squatting in my suitcase urinating on my clothes, like he was doing this to tick me off becuase he was mad that he couldn't go out. So after that that I put him out and he stayed out all night.

I let the cat back in the next day what we have been doing is making sure that the bedroom doors are closed when we go to work. One day, I accidently closed the door and the cat was still inside our bedroom, when I came home I opend the door and the cat ran out, so I checked around the room and the bed to see if the cat urinated, but it did not seem like it. The next day, my girlfriend crawls into bed and notices that the cat urinated on her blanket.

After a few days, we thought things were ok.

The night before last when I got home from work, I let the cat go outside for awhile. After he came back I closed the door becuase I did not want him to go out, becuase the weather was going to get pretty cold and rainy. He whinned and whinned, but I still wouldn't let him out. After about an hour of whinning, I saw him jump up on the couch and get into the urinating position. Before he could really do any dammage, I screamed at him and he jumped off. After he jumped off I looked at the couch and I saw a spot about the size of a dime on the couch. I smelled it and sure enough is was a spot of urine. I ended up letting him outside.

This has been kind of the last straw. So I cleaned out the litter box and turned his litterbox into home outside and put his food bowl outside. Now he whines because he wants to come back in. Last night was the first night and I know he slept in there becuase I saw him come out this morning.

I really do not want to keep him outside, but I do not know what to do. My girlfriend would be really sad if we got rid of him, but she is willing to do so.

I'm just worried to let him back in, becuase he will continue this behavior, but I am concerned about the weather getting colder and we live in a rental community and I do not want the cat pestering the neighbors or anything.

We have always tried to keep the litter box clean, so I don't think that is the problem. I don't think it is UTI, becuase he does not do this all the time and this just started. I think it's more of a bevior problem and that he gets mad at us.

Any thoughts.
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