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Very BAD scare...

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I heard a noise this morning, but it sounded like my cats playing in their tent, so I ignored it. That was at about 6:30am. I got up at 8 or so, and my cats didn't come to greet me (we lock them out of our room at night because they wrestle on our bed at 4am!!). This was very unusual. I went looking around, and when I got into the computer room the screen in the window was GONE (thank god we live on ground level)! We have a lot of neighbourhood cats around, and one has been coming up and trying to fight with Magic through the screen. Magic just wants to play, but the other cat is aggressive. I PANICKED. Neither of my cats have any experience outside except on their harnesses. They both wear collars with ID tags, and Magic is also microchipped. I went outside and started looking, and calling, and trespassing! About 10 minutes after looking I found Magic. I hopped a fence and coaxed him out from under a car. He was SCARED, and there was another big black cat looming around ready to fight. He was meowing so quietly, and he was definately relieved when I picked him up.

Maleke took about a good hour to find. I had printed out lost posters and was putting them around when I saw a flash of white. That was Maleke running FAST from yet another big tabby. Because he was being chased, he woudlnt' come to me, so I started chasing them. They were SO fast I kept losing them. I saw Maleke go up to the window in our house where he had gotten out and try to jump back in, but I had closed the glass. Then he ran around to the door but it was obviously closed. Everytime I got close he would take off SO fast. He was SCARED. He ran through a crack in the fence, he was then face to face with another tom cat AND a he turned around and ran back through the crack and I caught him. Barely.

So now they are back home. They are sleeping as I write this, together. I checked them for cuts but they look fine. Magic is normal, but Maleke is still really skittish. I have NO idea how the screen came out of the window, they were really secure and there is no damage to the screen. It's really weird. Luckily we live in a house on a quiet street.

Anyway, what a BAD morning!
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How scary! That's exactly why I wanted a 2nd or 3rd story apartment when we went looking for a new one -- I know that Jack would be through a ground level screen in no time. The ground level apartment was gorgeous the way you could just walk out onto the lush green lawn...but all I could see in my mind was Jack jumping at the screen ONCE and scooting right through. I know if we are on the 2nd or 3rd floor they will just look out, like they do now. Your story made me feel like putting chicken wire up around all windows! 8O
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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