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Tyson one of my new babies has the strangest habits...some of them bordering on the obsessive.

I have had many kittens pass through my door in my lifetime but this one is really odd.

For starters he chases the vacuum cleaner ... he pounces on it with glee like its the bestest kitty toy on earth, secondly he only plays with toys that make a noise .. and a LOT of noise like empty soda bottle for example. 8O

But the funniest is his potty habits .. he will do a number one and maybe a number two but then he must have a CLEAN potty ..... merely scooping the poop will not do has to be clean litter ... he doesnt mind sharing with Mike (the other baby) but he covers his poop up.

Potties have to be pristine.

What had me in fits of laughter tho was this morning. I keep their potty in the bathroom .... now in the bothroom their is a small leak under the basin , so there is a smallish plastic dish to catch the leaks. ....anyhow last night hubs and i are awoken by the most dreadful racket of someone playing with a plastic dish ... (i have tiled floors) .. the noise was unbelievable and I was mentally cursing them both for disturbing my sleep .... it quietened down and I went back to sleep.

I go into the bathroom to give them a clean potty , and notice the bowl lying on it side and water on the floor ... not a lot tho ..uprighting the dish I notice the water is pale yellow ..... yep its piddle.

Now poor tyson evidently needed to pee so badly that he decided to use the bowl ... but the visual of this kitten trying to squat in that bowl and that was making the racket was too much for me
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Poor little boy .. ill make sure there is an extra potty tonight .....this obsession of his is tiresome ..but rather that I suppose.

He is learning to have a poo outside whilst watching the birds singing .

Oh and another thing he does ... is while have a pee or poo ... he will try and keep on playing .. so in the middle of a pee he will pounce on something outside his tray and them battle to cover it up.

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Never a dull moment at your place! :lol:

You tell the stories so well, I can picture them purrfectly! :D
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