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Hello all,
I am new here but since it has been difficult trying to research what’s up with my kitty I thought I would reach out to some other owners.
I have a eight month old Cornish Rex named Bjorn and he is experiencing loss of balance, head tilt, staggering, general incoordination, and more recently a hoarse sounding meow, decreased appetite, and he vomited once. His purring and swallowing also seems a little bit off- like it’s harder to do those things. He is drinking water normally and using the litter box normally. He is mostly sleeping during the day but occasionally he still likes to get up and play and try to run around even though he loses his balance. He is interested in his surroundings and still very friendly as usual. He does not seem to be in any obvious pain although I know cats are excellent at hiding it.
The vestibular symptoms started four days ago and the other symptoms started yesterday. At first we thought he might have an inner ear infection so we took him to the vet two days ago and they said that everything with his ears was fine. They basically said to keep an eye on him to see if any of his incoordination it gets worse. they did not give him any medicine or any further assistance.
I have owned two Cornish Rex before Bjorn and I’ve never experienced these issues in a cat so I wasn’t sure how to address it. Any advice would be helpful or if anyone has had a similar experience it would be great to know your story.
Thank you all for your time! : )
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