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Vet Bills

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I've thankfully not had a problem with my cats yet that required serious work by the vet. Just have taken them for checkups. But in the event something ever needs to be done, what are the vet bills like? I'm debating whether to get pet insurance or not.
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One thing I noticed with my research was that chronic illness and preventative procedures usually aren't covered. So if Fluffy gets hit by a car most of her bills would be covered, but if she has cancer insurance will pay to put her down. Medication is almost never covered. Surgery usually is, but not always with every plan or for every reason.

I am not insuring my babies. They live indoors, in an apartment. The only time they leave is to go to the vet. We don't open our windows because we have storm windows and it is a pain to keep them open. Even if they eat something bad (of which I have almost nothing) or injure themselves playing it would be almost impossible for the bill to be over $500 dollars. To me it is not justifiable to pay $20 a month on the off chance that one of them might sometime eat a string. I can put that money away and be assured that I can pay for any medical procedure they might need, not just the ones covered by the insurance.
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