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Vets and their Meds

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[Rant on]
What is it with Vets and their meds? My cat has been on no less than 4 antibiotics, two versions of an antihistamine, eye drops, nasal sprays, and an appetite stimulant. All of which have done nothing. Twice I have asked for a prescription, to help with costs, and I get, " won't save that much.".

I'm sorry, but after spending $600 in one month and seeing a result of NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH...who is the one who needs consoling? Me who has a sick cat who is losing weight or the vet who doesn't get a few more pennies for selling her stock (or overstock).

I asked today what she thought we should do, since my cat is still ill and she wants to TRY a steroid...thinking maybe it will help. I am so pissed right now. TRY, TRY? After a month you would think she would have a better decision. After a month and two vets, why am I the only one who has any slight idea on what's going on? How many vets do you have to go through until you find one that is interested in helping your pet?

Am I out of line here? We go to the vet expecting some sort of tests to be done to zero in on the problem. Our vet looks at the cat, tests temp, checks wait, writes it in the chart and says, "Lets try this antibiotic.". Three days later, same routine but, "Lets try this more expensive one.". Three days later we switch vets, new vet reviews the charts and tries a third antibiotic that has "no conclusive results" but worked well for other cats. My Dad, a pharmacist, says that the drug she prescribed is not normally taken orally and he was not sure it had any healing power taken that way. We pursue on and today she says, "Lets try prednisone." I told her no. The only positive sign that has come from the cat, was from giving him the appetite stimulant. He was becoming more vocal, eating and drinking more, and beginning to show signs of recovery. We only had 4 pills and ran he is back down again. Sorry for the rant, but were getting pretty sick of this treatment.

People take your money, don't offer any type of discount after spending several hundred dollars with them, then give you grief when you want to get your meds elsewhere.
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Newt, I've had some wonderful vets for my animals, but I'd be every bit as disgusted as you are. Don't ASK for a prescription; INSIST on one. Then take it to KMart's pharmacy, and you can compare. Of course, some antibiotics are very expensive, but I'd want to be sure I was getting the best price after spending as much as you have.

I'd ask around, get some opinions, and try a third vet. I'd hate to see something happen to Newt. I guess you know one of our members lost her cat yesterday. (I'm still upset. ) Remember, you are hiring the vet, not vice versa. If you don't like the way he or she treats you, go elsewhere. Not all vets are compatible with every pet owner. Their first duty is to help the animal, but I think they should treat the person with the checkbook with the utmost respect.
I can imagine that if they needed a sputum test that would present a real difficulty. I don't have the experience to even guess what tests should be done or would be done. I would lay everything on the line to the new vet. Take the test results with you. You paid to have them done. You have the right to ask for all of the records.

And tell him exactly what you have told us, including the fact that this is a real financial hardship and what you want done. Surely they can learn something by swabbing Newt's nose and mouth, if they need a sputum test. If there was pneumonia, it would show up on a cat scan (no pun intended), if the x-rays weren't evidence enough. But if the new vet says there's nothing left except a procedure requiring anesthetic, ask what she/he would do if it were her own cat. You're desperate. Let the vet know that.

I wish I could be more help, but I've never worked with a vet. I just think you've paid a lot of money for next to no results, and you deserve better than the treatment you described! Make sure before you go that the new vet is one you can talk to.
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Richo, she was a new member, desperate because the vet didn't seem to take the situation seriously.
Don't be embarrassed, Lori! You aren't expected to read minds. :)
Newt, I'm praying for the little guy. I so hope he doesn't have anything that serious. I think he is getting the attention he should from this vet. It sounds as if these people are taking his condition seriously. God bless both of you and heal your little friend!
Don't be intimidated by the title. Vets are highly educated, and I so respect that. However, you are employing them. As professionals, their first duty is to care for the animal. If you believe their first priority is money, question them about it.

There is a difference in motivation in vets, as there is in all professions. I sent my cat and dog to the vet with my daughter-in-law because I was very ill and couldn't go out. The procedures were all agreed to on the phone, and I was given a price. When my DIL got there, the receptionist started telling her what tests would be done, etc., and my DIL said, "I'm just the taxi driver. Jeanie owns the animals." Nevertheless, all of the extra tests were done, doubling, almost tripling the amount due.

When the animals were ready to come home, and I discovered what had happened, I told them exactly what I thought, and told them they should be ashamed of themselves. The price and procedures had been decided long before I sent the animals, and they took advantage of my illness and inability to take them myself. After several calls and review of the unethical behavior, the vet compared the procedures agreed to by phone to what was actually done, and removed the extra charges. I have been going to that animal hospital for years, but the original vet and owner retired, and I told the new vet he would be ashamed of what the hospital had become. This was a blatant attempt to make more money by doing unnecessary and not agreed upon tests. My cat was there to be spayed, and my dog for his annual shots. I won't be taking my animals there again, and they know it. And they should know it. Tell them. As I said to the them, SHAME! (I sound like my mother!) And they should be ashamed!
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Doctors are used to being treated like gods. (not God), and what we need to do is to be intelligent consumers. The good doctors, MDs and DVDs, would agree with this. We need to be informed and not so intimidated that we are afraid to ask questions. Have you ever noticed how we always address a doctor or vet by his title, but they often call us by our first names? You don't need a course in Social Psych. to know what effect that is supposed to have on us. (I don't mean the half conscious or very ill patient. We respond better to our first names when ill, so there's a good and practical reason for that.)
Tanyuh, your vet is one of the reasons we should seek alternatives to bad treatment. There are wonderful vets out there! Why accept anything less? :) She took her vow seriously!
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