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To help keep your kitty healthy throughout his life, feed him the high-quality cat food that includes adequate amounts of animal protein, the right proportions of amino acids like taurine and arginine, enough fatty acids, and preformed vitamin A. But on top of these basics, there are also life stage diets that help meet your cat’s nutritional needs as he grows.

Below is a short guide to the main life stage diets available for cats, as well as the benefits that each provides.

Kittens need higher levels of protein and calories than adult cats in order to meet growth requirements. Failing to provide adequate nutrition at this life stage may result in the kitten getting sick or his growth might be stunted.

Providing a high quality diet to your kitten will help create a foundation for good health later on as well. Kitten formulas are designed to provide your pet with all of his energy requirements in the form of plenty of protein, fats, and minerals, including calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone and tooth development.

To maintain your adult cat’s health, as well as his weight, there are plenty of balanced adult formulas to choose from. They’ll contain lower calories than kitten formulas so that your less active adult cat will be able to more easily maintain a healthy weight.

These formulas also contain high amounts of animal protein, preferably from real meat as opposed to meat by-products. And they’ll contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in the right proportions in order to promote the strength of the immune system and healthy organ function throughout the body.
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