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One day my dad was at work and he heard a loud meow and walked over near a contruction site to see 3 men spraying a blind,underwieght female cat with a hose.The cat was trying to get to a sandwhich that was lying on the ground.The cat ran off quickly soaked,stumbling a little the whole way.My dad yelled at the men and they just agreed they wouldn't do it again.

When my dad told me about it I said I would like to go to work with him to see the cat for myself.When we arrived the cat was walking across a large field of grass with what looked like a small field mouse in its mouth.I followed it and it led me to a large dumpster covered in gang writing with tons of pipes and boxes.I heard a few small kitten meows and looked into a small hole blocked off by pipes and boxes.I looked down at each kitten.There were 4 kittens,2 black and white ones (male and female),and 2 striped ones (also male and female).I picked the black and white male up and looked it over.Its fur was rough and dense.At first I thought they might have been the wire hair breed but then I saw that they had the M tabby mark on their forehead and also realized that they most likely hadn't eaten much because they were in the farm land and all the mother cat would catch were mice,but she was blined and looked very old and tired.I tested her vision a few times and knew for sure that she was blind.

I ran back to my dad and it was time to go.When I got home we all discussed about taking them in.We decided on a yes and the next day we brought the cat carrier and loaded the mother cat and kittens in it.We took them back home and looked them over.We figured the mother was abandoned by the original owner and had gone blind from lack of care and nutreints.We fed her and the kittens for 3 weeks.We had given them all names.(Black and white kittens)Female-Servera,Male-Oreo.(Tabby kittens)Female-Cupcake,Male-Tommy,and finally last but not least,the mother we named Viva.

Luckly our friend worked at a great vet clinic.We decided we would give the kittens to the clinic to adopt out,and would keep Viva.We had Viva fixed and checked over,it turned out she wasn't old at all,the vets said she was about 2 or 3.It was just her poor nutrition that made her look older.When it was all over,I had grown completely attached to the little black and white boy,Oreo.He was simply a crazy yet well behaved cat.He was so easy to train it was unbelievable.I kept Oreo and my friend took Cupcake and her brother took Severa.Tommy was adopted out within one day at the vet clinic and Viva still lives here.She loves the back yard and sits under the mulberry tree guarding the back yard.It turns out she is a crazy fighter.2 BIG dogs got in the backyard and she flipped into the air and attacked both of them head on.They ran out crying like crazy,she is unbelievable.So,that is the story of Viva,the survivor.
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