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Woke up early this morning to Artie vomiting! There was something green in it. Turned out it was a piece of a plastic streamer from his favorite cat teaser toys! He vomited again 20 minutes later-just watery.
I took his food away, leave some out at night. Just kept out the water. He acted upset for about 25 minutes; then he went over to drink a lot of water.
The last time we played with that toy was 2 days ago!
It was 5 am by then and I was stressing. He did not poop for over 2 days--was going to give him some laxatone, (he usually goes every other day)--give him miralax daily--vet said ok....pumpkin sometimes also.
Artie is 8yrs old neutered male, whom I adopted 6 months ago.
He does love to chew on plastic.. I was stressing out, cuz I am careful about leaving things around for him.
I broke my arm and cannot drive. When we were playing with the toy, I got an important phone call, left the toy down for just a couple of minutes. Found him chewing it and had to gently take and pull it from his mouth. Did not see any pieces--so I feel I caused this..
I am worried about him.
He went about an hour later to drink a lot of water and wanted food!
He was crying for food, searching the house! Twice he was on the kitchen counter and I found him chewing the heavy plastic bag with holds a few baby potatoes to steam cook!
He did have a good size poop!
By then the Vet was open, called them. Artie seemed ok--just starving--you would think I never fed him!
The Vet said to watch him, if he seemed ok and he was begging for food to give him some and watch him all week-end.
I am still stressed. He seems fine belly tenderness, is eating and drinking fine--just a very quiet day for him--and me...
fed him again and he seems ok.
I had to vent and to wanted to warn people about those teasers--do not leave them out, cats can get into everything and anything in a second's time!!
I hope he will be ok---he is my love.....:cat
thanks for listening

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I'm sure he'll bounce back and be back to his normal self soon. :)

If it makes you feel any better, I learned a similar lesson the hard way. My first cat once fished a Q-tip out of the bathroom garbage can to play with and apparently ate part of it. Very similar situation to yours: She looked so miserable, hadn't pooped, so I got worried and took her to the vet, who did bloodwork, recommended Miralax, pumpkin etc. They did all sorts of bloodwork, nothing. The next day she pooped out part of the Q-tip. Thank goodness it came out the right way!!! A $160 Q-tip. But she was just fine after she pooped it out. :)

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Don't worry, if he's pooping then he's not blocked, and that's the main worry when they eat non-food items. My cat Binky has survived 10 years of eating plastic shower curtain liner, along with the occasional stolen rubber band, and somehow my long hair...
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