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I have three indoor only cats. 2, DLH and 1 DSH. The DSH loves to sleep with us at night but every 2 nights or so he begins to start to vomit in the early morning hours. Usually he gets up some brown opaque liquid. It is ruining the bed clothes.
I free feed "Blue Buffalo Wilderness" feed or "Taste of the wild"
1 DLH - Male 15years will only eat canned feed, He got in the habit and wont switch back. He vomits occasionally with food and hair and no amount of Laxitone seems to help.
1 DLH Female 10 years eats fast and throws up a bit, she has done this forever.
1 DSH Male ? years (7-10?) is the one mentioned above.
All cats get laxitone but it seems to do nothing.
Any suggestions?
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Hi there!

I am by no means an expert, but is he still eating? I had a problem like this with my kitten, where he was vomiting but otherwise not showing any other symptoms. I thought maybe he was clogged up a bit so I gave him a little bit of vaseline and now he's as good as new! Maybe he's constipated? Do you feed him wet food? I would recommend that also. But if he is showing any other signs of being ill you should definitely bring him to a vet!

Hope he feels better soon! :)
Yes they all eat.
I also has suspected constipation but that is why I give the Laxitone. It seems to have no effect.
My female DLH is small but healthy but vomits mostly because she eats too fast.
My Male DLH is older and thin but he rarely vomits.
The main problem is with the DSH male. Food seems thus far to have no effect. I am systematically trying every food that my feed store carries and they carry a lot.
Just checking if I am overlooking anything.
Hi v194
I know this will be a pain, (trust me I have to pill a cat twice a day) but you can give your cats 1/4 tablet of pepcid A/C ( i buy the generic famotidine 10mg ) you can give 1/4 table twice a day. I really dose work well to settle there tummy's

Good Luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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