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vomitting liquid and almost falling over?

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This just happened a few minutes ago, CC was retching and threw up a small quarter sized puddle of clear liquid. Immediately after, he sat down and wobbled and fell over backwards and took a second to get up again. Then he ran into the other room and vomited two more small amounts of liquid. Now he seems completely normal again. His abdomen doesn't seem to be causing him any discomfort as he let me palpitate all around his tummy. It's the falling over that concerns me most, what would cause that? My girlfriend will be home in 20 minutes, so I dont know if this is an emergency vet thing or a wait and see thing?
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If I were you, I'd call the vet for advice. That's what I did when it happened to Prince last time. I hope you're allowed to make phone consultations with your vet...

Today, Prince has been vomiting all day. Since he has no more food to vomit, now his vomit is just gastric fluids, of course. It happened once before, for 2 days. He's weaker than usual, so I was scared when we went for our daily stroll in the garden that he might find it hard to walk. But he wanted very much to be outside, and I didn't prohibit it because sometimes animals know better than us what makes them feel better, and I know that earth and grass are healing elements that cats seek sometimes when sick. Indeed, he sat with his belly on the earth and grass for a long time and now seems to be feeling a lot better. I'm sooo relieved that he's been drinking lots all along! I keep changing his water so that the fresh water entices him to drink more, and it really works. I didn't give him any food since breakfast and he's not hungry.
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Sorry to hear your boy's sick....hope it's just a short-term thing. When they go off their food and vomit, it is worrying. Hope he bounces back soon.
You didn't say if anything else is going on - sometimes flea products can cause bad reactions...definitely follow through! And please let us know how your kitty is doing....

I only use natural products for fleas on the cats and dogs, diatomaceous earth and a herbal product added to food. He hasn't had any other episodes since. We added a good amount of warm water to his canned food last night to make it really soupy and he lapped it all up so hopefully he got back the fluid he lost from vomitting. He ate his raw breakfast with no issue this morning. I did notice last night while cleaning up the liquid vomit that there was a long people hair all bunched up in it, so maybe he somehow swallowed that and it irritates his stomach?
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