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My youngest cat, Bodean, is having sinus problems and I was hoping someone could offer some advice. He had a rough first two months and his mother was very ill when she had him. Mother was abandoned and not fed regularly. So he didn't have a good start. A sinus infection and needed hand feeding.

I got him at eight weeks and he was mostly recovered but still had some health problems. I kept him on l-lysine for an additional six months and he had some antibiotic shots in addition to regular immunizations. FeLV and FIV both negative.

Very active cat such that my nickname for him is Monkey. Always doing silly stuff. Weight is very good and after I got him fixed he turned into Chunky Monkey. But his sinuses are still acting up at 1.5 years old. I don't know whether I should just ignore it or if something could be done for him.

He still has sneezing fits and frequently honks out these massive boogers. Example below:

This is on the edge of my stove to give you a size reference. Fairly lifesized. It is flecked with that looks like a few blood spots -- possibly where it was attached to the sinus membranes. Like I said, he appears entirely healthy otherwise.

And ideas?

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