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wanting to add a dog to our happy family

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We're in the process of building a new house and would love to get a dog when we have to room. I have posted questions on dog forums about which dogs are the most tolerant of cats. Now I'm sending the question to the cat people. Do any of you have dogs in your household along with your cats? Have you added a dog to the family after the cats have been around for a while? (In our case 5 years). If you do have a dog, what kind of breed is it? Any suggestions about which dog breeds do the best with cats? Thanks in advance for you help. I'll check back soon! - Kate
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Dr. Jean, it sounds like you really got a high-prey grey there! Good heavens!

I agree with Lydia; it's really about the individual grey. Our grey came into our house 3 days off the race track and never showed any interest in hurting our cats. They all get along wonderfully.

That said, Dr. Jean is correct that you must always be very very cautious with a greyhound. One thing that sets them apart is their incredible speed and strength. Therefore, you must be sure that the grey will get along with the cats. Almost all greyhound adoption groups do cat-testing, so only those greyhounds who are cat-safe or cat-workable go to cat homes. It's also important not to trust the grey too quickly; we kept Willow leashed to us the first two weeks, just to be sure she wouldn't suddenly want to chase a cat.

This is of course true with introducing any dog, especially a large dog that could really hurt a cat.
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Arg! :lol: One more time: Yes, some greyhounds are high-prey and can't be trusted around cats. However, many, many, many ex-racing greyhounds do just fine. Like my own:
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