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I have loved cats my entire life. I now have the opportunity to be a cat companion. I have decided to get a male...I live in a house that has 2 small dogs (I am not a fan of them), but they will not be in direct contact with my living area. I am confused as to; should I make my new friend a indoors ONLY, or a indoors and the option to go outdoors, like a window door to outside. Also, I will be the only companion for my cat...should i get 2? Might be hard to convince my allergic roomate... The companion would have the restricted roaming of 1/3 of the house... And one other thing...should I get a breeded cat that has hypoallergenic tendancies or just go for a shelter kitten... I will be getting a kitten, I want to be his world (hehe).

Any helpful info would be greatly apprecated.

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