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Washing litterbox

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1000 apologies if this topic is out of place but I'm not sure where to post it.
I've always washed the litterbox with soap (handsoap) and water, rinsed well in hot water and so far cats hadn't rejected it or had an adverse reaction.
But it could happen, right? I mean a cat could be allergic to a certain soap,etc..I just wondered what do you'll be a first one for my present kitty. Thank-you!
A great 2004 to everybody <<))
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I clean the litter boxes once every month and I use soft soap and hot :!: water. Test have shown that really hot water is the best way to clean a litter box. Kills most of the germs.

Cats often doesn't like the smell of lemon, orange and ammonium so as long as the "whatever you clean the box with" doesn't smell like any of the mentioned things it's probably OK. And as for allergies, if you rinse carefully with hot water there should be little risk for allergies against the cleaning agent.
Annissa said:
I know I've mentioned the tyrannical apartment manager in at least one of my previous posts.

She told me to put Sabby's litterbox in the dishwasher. That the hot water would kill any germs in the box and in the washer. When she told me to do that, I smiled and nodded and slowly backed away. It seemed like a good way to break my dishwasher and make myself sick, to boot. Has anyone tried it?
I don't think I'd ever put the litter box in the dishwasher... Hot water from the shower works just fine :wink:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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