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Washing litterbox

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1000 apologies if this topic is out of place but I'm not sure where to post it.
I've always washed the litterbox with soap (handsoap) and water, rinsed well in hot water and so far cats hadn't rejected it or had an adverse reaction.
But it could happen, right? I mean a cat could be allergic to a certain soap,etc..I just wondered what do you'll be a first one for my present kitty. Thank-you!
A great 2004 to everybody <<))
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Washing litterbox, pan liners, etc

..mmm-mmm, I think that using pan liners depends on the kitty and maybe the litterbox shape and size :?: ..I've used pan liners with all my cats; they are very fact I started
Madame litterbox that way but had to quit because she would pull the liner from the edges when scratching or it (the liner) didn't fit right, then she would go on the swags and sometimes outside the litterbox..messy, messy
I think is different with all cats so you can try them..
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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