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Hello everybody,

i am from PA and in this area there are a ton of cats (feral and stray) and we recently found a litter of kittens. There is a grey tabby, an orange tabby and a black tort. We aren't sure of the gender but they are eating solid food and their eyes are no longer blue. We just caught them this past weekend...I'm going to keep the black tort and our landlord said he was going to keep the grey one. He is actually in the process of socializing them a bit more as the mom was semi-feral. She would let him get close because he fed her...but nobody else. Not sure what the plan is with the orange tabby. Per my landlord he seems to be the most wild, which has always been my experience with the orange tabby cats.

My only concern is that we have a young child (she will turn 2 soon) and I want to keep them both safe.

I'm also thinking of names for our black tort kitten. She is mostly all black with one patch of orange over her left eye.
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