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As you might have read in another thread, we have two female cats, one is 2,5 years ols, the other 4-5 months. The kitten normally sits in its own room while we are not home, because they older cat keeps hissing and growling at the kitten, and they seem to be fighting (although no injuries so far). Also, the kitten loves the food of the older cat, and vice versa. On sunday we are going on a trip until wednesday, and my brother will come to feed them daily. There are a few things that come to mind now:

1) should we leave the kitten in her room for 4 days or should she be able to walk around free?
2) if she can walk around, what about the food? They will eat each others food, which I've been told is not good (it 's the same branch, but special kitten food for the kitten). The kitten eating the older cat's food is bad, but what about the older cat eating kitten food for a couple of days?

Any suggestions are *very* welcome. Thanks!
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