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I have three cats....two females and a male. The male is the youngest. He's only 3.5 years old.

Our male and one of the females are indoor/outdoor cats. The other female prefers to stay inside almost all the time.

Day before yesterday, we had two dogs come through our yard. They were friendly and beautiful, and it was obvious they had gotten out of their own yard. We fenced them in our backyard until we found the owners. They were in our yard for about three hours.

Shortly after the dogs went home, I realized I hadn't seen our male cat all afternoon. His name is Dewey. Sometimes he likes to wander across the path to the neighbor's house; that's where he was born and he has "cat friends" there. We looked and he wasn't there. He was gone all night and almost all the next day. It's not like him to be gone for so long. He always goes outside for a couple of hours and then comes home to sleep. We searched the neighborhood and even posted signs. Last night he came home at about 8:30 and has been acting weird since then. He's pacing a lot, meowing a lot (he's usually a big sleepyhead and very quiet), and wanting to go outside more than usual. He's neutered, so I don't think it's a girl cat he's after. :wink: At first I thought he disappeared because he was scared of the dogs, but now I'm wondering because he keeps talking and asking to go outside. You'd think he'd want to stay in if it was the dogs that bothered him. And he keeps talking *to* us. It's like he stands there or sits and stares at us while he meows. This morning he woke me up several times.....he kept coming in my room and meowing. I finally shut him out of my room so I could get some sleep. When I got up, he was asleep on the couch, but when he woke up he kept meowing and going to the front door.

Any ideas on what's going on?
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