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Welcoming & Inviting you to

™ Pedigree~Cat Breeder's Society. Organization® ©2002-2003

This site is about how you have been treated by pedigree, registered cat breeders/private persons.
Either in a positive manner or a negative manner.

This is Non-Profit, ™ TradeMark, ®Registered, ©Copyright organization
™ P-CBS.ORG is to benefit the "PUBLIC" at large

& to STOP Kitten Mills, neglect, abuse & death to our pedigree felines!

Do "YOU" have a complaint about a pedigree cat breeder?
Well then file a complaint.
Would you like to give your favorite mentor an AWARD?
Here is the place to do it.
There are many agencies where you can file a complaint so take your time, be sure you have all the proof documented, names, phone #'s, websites, email address or anything else to support your complaint!

Before you purchase your next pedigree kittys it would be to your best interest to check on the list to see who's the "BEST" & the "WORST" Cat breeders around the world.

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