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Wellness, Nutro, Eagle Pack - for kittens?

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I feed our cats Wellnes, Nutro & Eagle Pack.

Now, when we have small Maugli (5-6 weeks) I'm trying to find some good kitten wet food.

Some Wellness cans have written on the feeding guide that you should "feed kitten as much as she wants". Based on that, I came to the conclusion that those cans are fine for kittens. I found only about 3-4 cans which have this written on them. The other Wellness cans don't mention feeding kittens.

The thing is, that the Wellness cans which mention kittens contain fish.

I would like to feed Maugli with some Turkey, Chicken, Beef,....

Eagle Pack - they sell only few types of Eagle Pack. One of them is Chicken & Lamb (or was it Turkey&Lamb?). It's for adults. I haven't seen any kitten food from Eagle Pack in Canada.

Nutro has the pouches but I don't feed Maugli with them yet, because the pieces are too big for her to chew. I will feed her with pouches later on.

My question is, can I feed Maugli with regular cans which are for adults? If not, what other brands would you suggest?

Remember, we don't have in Canada Chicken Soup or Feliday......

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We DO have Felidae here because that is what I feed my kitties! The pet store I shop at has Felidae and Wellness kitten food. Eagle Pack is supposed to be for both cats and kittens....even the chicken and lamb. A lot of people that come into the pet store that I work at buy it for their kittens. Evolve also has a kitten wet formula, which is also at the pet store I shop at. You live in Burlington and the store I'm talking about is in Milton, so that's a good half hour drive for you....but it's a great little store. Lots of holistic foods including Nutro (for a good price!), Felidae, Natural Balance, Evolve, California Natural, Solid Gold, Innova just to name a few! PM me and I'll give you directions if you are interested. It would be a nice drive on a nice day anyways! And your kitties would thank you!
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