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Wellness Wet Food

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Does anyone else feed this? I am trying my cats out on it right now. It looks like it is a high quality food.
It is kind of weird because for a long time Stormy did not like to eat wet food at all...she only wanted dry. But now that I have been trying them out on wet foods (mostly because I got Justin and I knew he liked to have some wet) she has really started diving into it when I spoon it out!
If you give your cats a little wet as a treat, how much do you give? My cats don't seem to want to eat a whole lot at once. I usually put out just a smidge, probably about 1 oz.
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I feed Wellness too but the dry formula... I can't stand the smell of wet food. :?
Cute signature Jessica!
Why, thank you! :)
Oh you're welcome. :) You'll have to post what you come up with!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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