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We've been off canned food for about 3-4 days now, using only the Spring Meadows ground patties to transition, and then today we picked up a bag of chicken necks (the kitten did really well with them) and two bags of Arusha raw food--turkey MBO (meat, bones, organs) and Llama MBO! They also have elk, bison, chicken, beef, and some raw meaty bones that are bigger and meant for dogs. The store we bought from actually has 4 different varieties of raw patties and meaty bones in various sizes.

The other awesome thing I found out is that there is a small meat market/butcher right next to our apartment complex, and I'm hoping I'll be able to source some of our chunked meat from there because it'd be super fresh! So far both cats are taking to the change in diet really well, they get the raw crazies on a regular basis. I feel better about this food we're feeding as compared to the patties we had out East because on one of the Arusha packages it actually specifies about 10% bone instead of the 15% we were feeding before, and it also specifies the organs that are in the MBO (many of them contain spleen). I also like that they add a bit of Salmon oil and I think with lots of varieties of the patties to choose from and supplemented with bone-in necks and fresh chunks we should be very well rounded and get all of the things we need.

Long-term, though, I think I'm going to look in to ordering from these guys:

Fresh Frozen Products

They deliver/deal with a pet store not far from me and I can get the quail, duck, and chicken as bone-in as well as the 8oz patties!

So nice to have options, I'm really happy that they're both on raw again!
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