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waiting to be seated, from We Are The Cat

Eat. Eat eat eat eat eat. We are starving down here, okay?
Eat? Food? Soon? Eat? Eat. Food. Eat. Eat eat eat. Eat.


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hahaha...looks like my house. They all gather around when food is being prepped. When I am cutting up their raw when it first arrives from the market, I have to lock them up in another room to get it done unless I want to be attacked and
HAHA! YUUUUP, That's my house as well. Only three fuzzy muggers, but still. It is so funny, Kyra is one of the worst at the stealing game, but when I give her her dinner, she turns her bratty nose up at it. :p
wow you really like black/tuxedo cats huh? LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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