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We've got hair pulling

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So my cat Lola has started pulling out her fur near her back leg... I thought at first it could be an allergy to corn - it only started a few weeks ago- around the same time that we started feeding her treats that had corn in them (temptations and similar). I stopped feeding her the treats.. and for a couple of days we didn't see large amounts of fur on the floor, but it has started again. Im probably going to take her to the vet that I intern at- to see what else can cause this, but if anyone has any ideas that would be great.

Her diet currently is Purina One beyond (salmon) and half a can of purina pro plan. We started the dry food several months ago when she got bored of eating the other food, and shes been on the pro plan wet food since we first got her. I don't know if stress could be the issue- we havent changed our lifestyle too much recently, and i've actually been around more then I was during the school year.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Stress can definitely cause hair-pulling, as can allergies. Some cats deal with changes in their environments or routines easily and calmly, while others become so stressed that they make themselves ill. My boy, Phantom, had a bout of stress-related interstitial cystitis a couple of years ago. Over the last year or two, his stress response has shifted to hair-pulling. Now I think the hair-pulling has just become habit to him.

Rum Tum also pulls his hair out on the back leg. I thought it might have been nerve damage but after my vet consulted a soft tissue specialist, it was decided that it was stress related. I wish you the best with your sweet baby.
i think that it is stress related/ separation anxiety.. hopefully things will get better.. I've been doing my best to give her extra attention when I am at home. I think shes just not adjusting well to my bf being gone all the time all of a sudden....

anyone have any suggestions of what I can do to keep her happy while we are away? Our other cat Noodles doesn't seem to be stressing out at all with us being away.. I wish she could teach Lola to be happy ok about it.

also had a mini freakout earlier- I was looking at her bald spot and saw black dots (AUGGGG FLEASSS!!!) but i do believe it is the hair that is growing back- I checked her all over and shes clean everywhere else...
Since you are feeding dry, are you giving any supplement with essential fatty acids? EFAs are required for good skin health and dryness of the skin can lead to cats pulling out their hair in the itchy area. If you do not want to go out and get a special cat supplement, you can just guy those new heart healthy margarine speads with EFAs in them and give a quarter to half of a teaspoon daily. EFAs also help with stress hormones as they are fatty acids which are also used to manufacture the oil/fat based hormones.
So im taking my cat to the vet that I intern at on tuesday.. but most likely im going to have to keep her in a cage until the vet has time to look at her/ the time im interning there. Now my question is how do I keep my other cat ok with it? Noodles likes to howl/yowl when she's afraid she is alone. Im not 100% sure that she will be vocal, but I also don't want to take the chance of having really pissed off neighbors (im in an apartment building...).Im going to be gone for about 4 hours. I was thinking of maybe leaving the TV on.. just so theres some noise.. but if anyone has any suggestions that would be really great.
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