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What are my cats breeds?

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I was just curious for both my cats, they are not purebreed, they are moggys and are mix of soemthing but i dont know what. The first pic is my black 7 month old kitten Sooty, she has black whiskers and grey beans under her paws, and shes fully black with yellow eyes. She is extroverted, hates being alone, clingy, mews a lot, licks humans. I think she has oriental and burmese and maybe siemese in her. The vet said shes longer than usual cats too. She also is very playful and climbs on everything and tries to eat everything.

The second cat is my 1 year old Boxxy, she is a black and white cat with greenish eyes, pink nose, pink beans under her paws and she has white whiskers. She follows me around, bunts her head on everything, is okay with being alone, reserved, scared of everything, meows rarely. I think she has burmese in her not sure what else. She rubs her face on everything and climbs up high on things.

Cat Felidae Carnivore Small to medium-sized cats Whiskers
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Cat Felidae Carnivore Small to medium-sized cats Whiskers

Cat Carnivore Felidae Small to medium-sized cats Whiskers
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