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What breed is my cat?

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Hello. I have a question. I am unsure of what breed my cat is. She has the features and fur and everything just like a birman, except she has dark fur. She looks like this: ... irman3.jpg

Except her fur is a smoky grey color. People have told me many different things like: She's a fat russian blue, she's a korat, she's a burmese...and so on. A little help would be greatly appreciated.
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She kinda looks like this one too...I'll try to get a pic of her sometime... ... muffin.jpg
I got a pic of her finally. She is not very shy around people, but she is very camera shy for some reason. Maybe she doesn't like the flash. But everytime she sees my camera she runs off. That doesn't matter much anyways, seeing as I don't have a scanner. So I used my crappy webcam to grab a picture when I found her sitting in my chair. There's one problem. I don't have a web host, and I see file attachment methods. Is there any way I could post her pic?
I found a freeweb host. Here she is. When I first got her the vet asked how much I paid for her and I said "Nothing, we found her." He said I was lucky to find such a nice cat, because most cats that don't have home that just wonder around aren't very pretty. He wouldn't venture a guess about what breed she was. He said possible russian blue(back then her fur was shorter. It got really long really quick though). Well, enough stalling, here's my cat.

Look at my cat! I command you! :D
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