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What breed?

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As you all know christmas is right around the corner and i thought it would be the perfect time to get a cat. I'm 17 years old and want a cat of my own, so i can take to college in 2 years and so on. We have a cat and a dog and a little dwarf hamster that always sits in the corner. The dog is getting old, my other cat is as fat and as crabby as they come. (Female). the best reason my mom can come up with for no cat is "Not enough room" Well the dog is hanging in the yard most of the day, comes inside now and then, but its really old and I hate to say it might die soon.
Anyways I want a cat, are there breeds that grow noticably smaller than other cat breeds? I don't want a "dog" of a cat. And one more question having a female cat already I'm geussing another female would be the only option, the femlae is spayed so could I get a male? I hear males have a tendancy to be friendlier.

Thanks in advance, Dan.
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Another word about outdoor cats... if you never introduce them to the outdoors as kittens, they will generally not feel the need to be outdoors, even though they may try to sneak through the door to explore what's beyond.

A cat can live a full and happy life indoors and they are safest there, not exposed to disease and the other dangers of outdoors, meaning cars and cruel people. And I think that so many vehicular animal deaths are from cruel people who intentionally swerve to hit the animal.

Bottom line, it is so much better to keep your cat indoors.
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