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I hope I can write this as funny as it was told to me this morning. A friend of
mine had trapped a mother and one kitten. Her husband
was driving the cats back to the area she trapped them in to rejoin their
cared for colony. (after being S/N shots & recovery)

Somehow the cats got out of the kennel & into the car as her husband
was driving over there. He opened the door and the mother jumped out
but the kitten crawled up in to the steering column area and he
refused to come out.

The husband drove home and for the next two days they did everything
they could think of to get the orange kitten out of there. She ended up
putting a litter box and food/water in the van because they just couldn’t
catch him. They had to limit the use of their only car cuz he was
in there and they didnt want him to escape in a strange area. Every time
the husband would go to use the car the kitten quick as lightning would
run back into the steering column! :fust

My friend said the kitten never ate so well. He scarfed down all the
canned food shed put out there. He was fine living in the car if this
kitten had his way

The husband said he’ be driving along and the kitten would come
out and he’ even let him pet him but he couldn’t grab him and the
kitten was clever enough stay out of reach and a mad dash back
up into the column when the car was stopped.

They tried everything to try to get the kitten. Finally he drove
the kitten back and it took an hour of leaving all the van doors
open. The kitten finally jumped out once but immediately jumped
back into the car. :? Finally he left and ran back to his colony of friends!

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Oh, come on! It was inspiring. It was brilliant. That was a good one and you know it was! :lol: ...I just wish I could think that quick ALL the time. :roll:
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