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If you read my post elsewhere, you know I have a brand new kitten, and now I'm dealing with a stray.

My apartment is 1/2 underground, and I have a huge living room window that starts about 3 feet up at ground level. During the day, I often leave the glass open. A few days ago, I heard a loud meow (Bridgit's meow is just a squeak) and came into the living room to find a gorgeous, but thin, gray and white cat standing at my window. She pawed at the screen, begging to come in, and I talked to her for a bit, then she wandered off. About a half hour later, she was back, and this time she saw Bridgit. She instantly started cooing at her, and trying to groom her through the screen. The behavior was very obviously maternal. I nicknamed her "Blue" and she now comes to my window 3 or 4 times a day to coo and paw at Bridgit. I'm pretty sure she lost a litter of her own, and is trying to surrogate Bridgit.
Now, I've put out food for her, but she hasn't touched it, and I'm really worried. She obviously is a stray, but is super friendly (and fairly well-known by the locals). We're right next to 2 fairly busy streets, and I'm worried something might happen to her, or she might starve, or winter could take her. I'm going to contact my local no kill shelter and ask her to try to come catch her, to see if she can find a permanent home, or at least someplace with good warm food where her sweet temper can be appreciated.
Short of taking her in myself (not possible right now) is there anything anyone out there can suggest to help this poor kitty?
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