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What cat food to feed for cat with Urinary Tract stones?????

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I have just had my newly adopted cat back from the vet after a huge bill and found out he needs special preventative cat food. The Vet said to try Medi-Cal, but I have heard so many different things about what to feed cats and now I don't have any idea. Some say to give only human food, others to say never give table scraps. I feed our dog Innova and want to know what I should feed the cat to prevent the stones from coming back.

Can anyone who can help please let me know as at the moment he is eating Whiskas which I've heard is terrible too! Or maybe let me know what ingredients to look for that will aid his digestion.

Many Thanks,

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From what you're describing, he probably needs a prescription diet. Eukanuba sells one, and Science Diet sells one, I'm not sure who else. I know a neighbor with a poodle that has problem with bladder stones. If it isn't kept on the special food, it has so many problems! Get advice from your vet! Whiskas is an okay pet food, defianatly not a premium one, but I wouldn't recommend it for your cat. At the vet least go with a premium low residue pet food. There are some that are even designed for urinary track health-check the labels on some brands at your local petstore. Hopefully someone else will have better advice.
Whiskas is not the right food for your cat; it will cause the crystals to come back. Some brands I know are Hill's Prescription Diet S/D or C/D; Royal Canin or Trovet ASD, which I use. I live in the Netherlands, so I don't know which brands are available in your country. It's better to get your cat on a diet, for the bladderstones (and the bills) definitely will return otherwise ... :( Make sure your cat drinks enough; wet food is also better than dry food. Good luck!
What type of stones did your cat have? Is Medi-cal what your vet recommended as a preventative diet?
What you need is a food low in magnesium, ammonium and phosphorus.

In short, your cats urinary pH is far to Alkaline, vrs Neutural or Acidic.

Here is a page by Waltham Research which can help explain this all more to you. ... ealth.html

It would be very hard, to find a non perscription diet that can meet the needs of your cat now. In cases like this, I actually do recommend going with the perscription diet. There are many out there including.

Hills, Waltham, Eukanuba, Medi-Cal, Purina
Walthams PH Wet


My Chucky had the same problem and he has been on Walthams PH ever since - nothing has come back *knock on wood* You really have to watch their teeth though - wet food is good for crystals but bad for tartar!!

Hope everything is okay. SO hard to watch them suffer.
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