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What did you do?!

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*klunk-thunk* something fell off the counter in the bathroom.
Zinny comes scurrying out of the bathroom as if her tail is on fire, so fast that she nearly runs smack into the leg of the sewing table (missed it by a hair's width!), and scrambles to her usual hiding place behind the fish tank.

She's not hurt, just startled, so I had to laugh... and also exclaim this phrase, which I say every time I know one of the cats has done something naughty.
Not that I ever get an answer of course, unless I go investigate and find something obviously amiss.
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I always ask that when I hear MowMow howl with anger...then Shepherd Book comes flying to where I am and lays close to me.

"What did you do[to him]?"
And then they try to act all "ohh nothing, I did nothing.. I swear, everything is how it was before I was in there".
This happens all the time!! At least twice a day... That's life living with Evie, the world's naughtiest cat!
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