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What do YOU feed your cats?

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Wanted to find out what everyone feeds here, see if there is one food that people feed the most. Please tell me dry/wet/raw etc, and what brand/formula. Thanks! :)

Right now my 3 cats get Solid Gold Dry, for 5 months, and then Felidae Dry for 5 months and I keep rotating like that.
About ever 2-3 days they will get wet foods I have some left over Natural Balance and Felidae canned foods, but their new staple canned food will be Wysong Rabbit once the others are all gone.

They also get fed RAW food once in a while, whenever I have it. :)
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At least that's what I thought we fed them... My mom buys the food and I never really pay attention to which brand.
I don't kow... But we get meow mix sometimes too.

My goodness... you know alot about cat food. Do you make it or something?
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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