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What do YOU feed your cats?

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Wanted to find out what everyone feeds here, see if there is one food that people feed the most. Please tell me dry/wet/raw etc, and what brand/formula. Thanks! :)

Right now my 3 cats get Solid Gold Dry, for 5 months, and then Felidae Dry for 5 months and I keep rotating like that.
About ever 2-3 days they will get wet foods I have some left over Natural Balance and Felidae canned foods, but their new staple canned food will be Wysong Rabbit once the others are all gone.

They also get fed RAW food once in a while, whenever I have it. :)
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I don't kow... But we get meow mix sometimes too.
Here's Meow Mix's run down for those who don't know about this food.

Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal, soybean meal, beef tallow.

My goodness... you know alot about cat food. Do you make it or something?
Ariel: No just repeated times over the years I have looked at the ingredients for such foods, it's sort of engraved into my head.
That and the readily availble information you can find on the internet!

I'm actually working on making a Cat food chart, seperate ones for both wet/dry foods. I've made one for ferrets already :)
my cat wieghs about 4 1/2 pounds (full grown). I give her about a 1/4 cup of iams dry food and a half a can of wet fancy feast, the sliced meats at around 5 or 6 pm. If she eats it all (she doesn't always) then she gets another 1/4 cup of dry the next morning. She is so tiny, so I feed her whatever she will eat. Funny though, I have to put it into her bowl in small amounts, other wise she doesn't eat it. I think it gets stale. Good luck.
Ok, I started feeding my 3 cats Nutro Natural Choice, which is definitely a huge step up from Meow Mix, which is what they used to eat. I didn't know any of this cat food stuff until I came here in July. Well, after reading some posts, I hear that there should be at least 2 meats in the top 10 ingredients and no corn. So, I got Natural Balance and only 2 of my cats will eat it. Kitty and Sophie like it and choose it over Nutro, but Kittygirl turns her nose up at it. She is a picky cat anyways, she won't eat any human food--except she likes Frosty's from Wendy's. (I's chocolate--I only give her a few licks.) Well, I am a cat fanatic and want my babies to eat the good food, so I saw a trial size bag of Chicken Soup cat food for $1.99--I bought it to see if they would all agree on that because I don't want to buy 2 different types of food if I don't have to. Well, they all turned their noses up at it. I was surprised at the prices--Chicken Soup was around $8 something for 6 pounds and Nutro is $8 something for 4 pounds. I believe Chicken Soup is better quality than Nutro?? Well, I don't have to worry about that anyways, cause they don't like it.
But, what do I do--buy the 2 separate foods (Nutro and Natural Balance) to make all 3 of my cats happy? I don't want to force any of them to eat what they don't like. I'm so confused. :roll: Well, Sophie and Kitty were fine with the Nutro before, so should I just buy it and have them all eat it? Then I will feel like I am not giving them the best food. Maybe I am just making too big of deal out of this and need to stop worrying. :?
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Well, IMO.....find one food that they all like. If Nutro was liked by all of them then use Nutro. You can find the "best" food out there but it won't do any good if the cats won't eat it. Nutro is good enough,IMO.
Over on another board they actually were calling the Chicken Soup food "kitty crack" :lol: because so many peoples cats seem to go nuts for Im suprised that none of yours liked it. Guess every cat is different.
No matter which food you will usually find at least one person that disagrees with your choice so don't drive yourself nuts over it :wink:

A very important thing to remember, is to feed what your cats will actually EAT. lol, not every cat will like the same foods, just the way it is, my cats turned there noises up at Natural Balance, they would only seem to peck at it at meal times, go figure.
It was actually hard for me to get them on to the more "natural" foods if you will, the transition that is.

What I sometimes had to do was give them the proper mix of old food and new food, and just offer that same amount until they finally got hungry enough and just ate both brands of kibble, after that they would gladly except their bowls of only the new stuff.
It can be tough to change there diet, because they do taste different (I know, because I try all of my cats dry foods). Grocery stores, and other highly known name brands use a lot of flavor additives, so that your cat will eat their food, a lot of the more natural foods like Natural Balance don't use things like that... so it's kinda like saying... well I'd prefer the taste of ice cream over wheat bread, but we KNOW the wheat bred is better for us. ;)

I don't know if you've ever owned a keet, but sometimes you have to almost starve those poor things for days before you can get them to accept a new diet, and that's just the way it is.

I don't think there is anything wrong with only feeding Nutro, and I also think it's fine to feed both natural balance and nutro, who knows your other cat might come around some day and start eating the NB too!
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I feed my cats/dogs Purina. BUT I am going to switch them to Wellness next time they need food... (enough to mix and switch for a week.)
Cats are so different. My previous cat would eat any cat food you put in front of her. Velvet is so picky. I have fed her Science Diet since I got her and that is all she will eat. She was on something different when I get her and I tried to slowly switch her over. She proceeded to pick the SD pieces out of the bowl and leave the rest behind!
I know from what I have been reading that there are better choices out there than SD, but I tell ya, that is all this cat will eat. But she is beautiful, healthy, bright eyes and soft, thick fur. So I am happy.
Wet food: Paws, sometimes KitEkat and Felix
Dry Food: Paws Complete Dry Food
Majicou: I am not familure with the Paws food line, care to post the ingredients for me? :)

Lori: Cats certainly do have strange habits, we all know this hee hee. My Asim and Isha when I got them as kittens, they were first fed SD, they stopped eating it after a month, so I switched them to Iam's (at the time I did not know what a horrible company this was, it was before ther merger with P&G, but during when they changed their food formula with out warning, and many animals got sick from it, including mine.)
At any rate, they only ate the Iam's for about a month before they stopped.
But they seem to be really darn happy with both Felidae and Solid Gold! :)
Mooser, er, I mean, Mouse liver. Frozen. On a stick.
My kitten also is dining on Science Diet, Nature's Best. I have read a few negative comments about Science Diet--which seemed like it was all the rage a few years ago when I had another cat--but kitten likes it and looks great.
Cthulhu said:
My kitten also is dining on Science Diet, Nature's Best. I have read a few negative comments about Science Diet--which seemed like it was all the rage a few years ago when I had another cat--but kitten likes it and looks great.
Same here! It's all my cat will eat and she looks beautiful.
hee hee SD is still a big "rage", because it's a very commercialized food ;)

It really goes along with... "If it's on TV, it must be true." :lol:

If the high quality food lines bothered to advertize up the ying yang, and had the current publicity that SD has, they would all put foods like SD out of business.

*waits for the day* :roll:
I feed my cats special cat food from the vet by Science Diet ID since one of my cats Sugar has a sensitive stomach and easily throws up if it doesnt go well with her stomach. I mix it with ProPlan, the only other cat food that she has not thrown up. I also feed them a 3 oz. canned food by Fancy Feast or ProPlan every other day in the morning so they get about 1 1/2 oz. each when they get the canned food.
It really goes along with... "If it's on TV, it must be true."
So, it's a Science Diet conspiracy? Perhaps you were being facetious, but I've pretty much sworn by SD for years and have had no cat problems. Or is the thinking "if it's popular it must be bad"?
Tillie loves the science light diet food and seems really healthy from it. Also I give her some canned food either felix or M&S food, small quantity though as she's on a diet.
Please can someone tell me if the Veterinary Hills brand of the science diet here in the UK is the same as the science diet in the USA? I only hear good things about it over here.
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