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tell me what you think of my report for school.
Cats being a pack animal like company of others for the
feeling of being safe. Cats prefer to sleep in a shelter
enclosed by sides, which makes them feel safer, and if it is
covered with some kind of roof then that makes the cat feel
even more safely.
Before cats became domestic they chose to sleep in caves.
Domestic cats don’t have the option of caves so they create
their own caves, like boxes, closets, etc. Many cat like
these “caves” to sleep, lay, sit in or etc. My cat especially
likes boxes, crates, and etc. but he will lie in any thing that
has three sides or is three-dimensional. He will also sit, lay,
sleep, or etc. in a two-dimensional box, for example, a tape
box on the floor. Many cats enjoy just lounging in a
covered box or bed, etc, or even play in a box with holes.
My cat will try every box that he can fit into, even if it has
Stuff in it or is a little too small or big, until he finds the
right one.
Many people find it common to have their cat lay in a box
or etc. There are cat beds made for those cats that like to be
covered when they sleep or etc. When the box is two-
dimension, my cat prefers to have it bigger than him so he
cat fit into it and when the box is three-dimensional my cat
doesn’t care what the size is as long as he can fit himself
into the box. Also the box doesn’t have to be very deep it
can be as low as, one of his favorites, a paper box lid.
is it going good so far i am not finished
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