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I know purring isnt always used to express happiness. cats may purr, for ex., when they are injured, and many theorize that this aids them in their recovery - I suspect its more a consolation thing, like a baby sucking its thumb. I also know that cats may purr as part of a flirt, to solicit food, to get cuddles, etc. But generally, its a spontaneous sign of happiness, comfort, contentment.

My lil gal has never been too keen on having my huge face up close to her. If she's having a nap and I go lay down next to her with my face right up close to her, she'll usually tolerate it for a few minutes, before opening her eyes and telling me off, even if I'm not smooching or doing anything. I know that if I continue to keep my face that close, she'll usually get up after a few minutes, and go lie down somewhere else. This is fine by me, and I try to respect her comfort zone.

What I find peculiar is that she'll begin her protest by purring, and when it starts to get loud, I know that she's getting ready to open her eyes and meow at me to stop bugging her.

I wonder what that purring is about?
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