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What exactly is my kitty doing?

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Ever since I can remember, Barnaby gets into this mode (always happens after petting him) where he will attempt to "mount" my arm. BTW he IS neutered so I am puzzled about this and wondering what it might be.

Once he has had enough petting, he will first start licking my hand, then he will get up and straddle my arm biting on my hand. I always "give him" the palm of my hand which is least sensitive to his teeth, but after a few seconds he will always turn his head and bite at the back of my hand as well.

Once I get up and attempt to walk away, he makes strange noises and leaps at my feet trying to grab onto my ankles and bite. :lol: Sometimes I have to walk very slowly and carefully to avoid stepping on his paws.

What exactly is he trying to do here? Is he expressing sexual behavior? Seems kind of strange but also cute. It's never a problem. Just wondering.
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Comiskey, You are a rascal. Go stand in the corner! :twisted:

Ioana, I think he might be playing "king of the hill" with the dachshund. (I hope! ) My collies, male and female always did this to each other. Of course the cold shower Comiskey suggested isn't a bad idea either.... :)
I think the fact that he has been a house cat for such a short time has something to do with his behavior at the vet's. It's a wonder he's not completely feral in behavior! Also it takes time after neutering for the testosterone effects to disappear. Feliway might help calm him down. I hope so.
I was thinking of Cbeerio, I believe. Is that the cat you just took in, or am I mistaken again? :oops:
Ioana, you have so much empathy. Perhaps, like you, Frosty will mature and understand that people are trying to help him. That sounds ridiculous, but when my Blacky had the surgery (for infection) that left deep holes in his side I had to clean the wounds so deeply and thoroughly his paws would sweat, but he just lay there and purred (pain also causes a cat to purr). That was many years ago, but I'll never forget it. I think he knew I was helping him.
It did hurt, but the vet said he couldn't go home unless I could care for his wounds according to directions. He healed very well, thank goodness.
You're right, but what do o_O. and o_O mean?
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