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What is the best food for older cats?

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This has probably been asked before so please forgive me for asking it agian.

I have read, and been told by IAMS is the best for older cats but mostly the people telling me this are the people who sell it. What about Science Diet and Purena? Cost is also a small, very small factor, but one non the less in this day and age of economic uncertainty.

I am mainly interesting in what kind of food I should be feeding my cat who is going on 12 years of age now. She like moist cat food, what cat doesn't, but I have been told that feeding her moist cat food will cause health problems.

I asked the vet the other day, and she recommend IAMS. So is IAMS the best? (Note: the vet sells IAMS.)
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It's really difficult to label one brand of food as being the best to feed a senior cat because each cat has different needs and there's not one brand of food out there that can cover it all.

As long as she's been checked out recently by a vet and has been given a clean bill of health any of those foods you named are complete and balanced so any of them would be fine.

Moist food is fine if that's what she likes. Most people don't realize it but regular ol dry food doesn't do a lot in ways of cleaning the teeth or preventing periodontal disease but like Piddles mentioned (Hi Pidds! *waves*) keep an eye on her teeth because having good teeth is important in keeping your older cat healthy.

I feed my senior citizen Wellness which I have found has been quite benefical to her. Her coat looks a lot glossier, she's not quite as stiff as she used to be(because the food has glucosamine in it) and she's more playful than she had been in previous years.
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