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what kinds of relationships do you have with your cats?

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my two older cats share very different relationships with me.
noah knows that he's my baby. he's pretty independent, but when he wants kisses or attention, he knows he can come to me.
sam, on the other hand, is my mommy. i got her when i was pretty young, so we kind of grew up together, and if i would hurt myself, she would come running to see what happened, she punishes me when i'm "bad", etc.
i don't know what kind of relationship i'll have with my two new kitties, but what kind do you have with yours?
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relationship with cat

The relationship i have with my cat suki is great. She is 6 months old now and i have always been close to her. She is closer to my mum but also close to me. I am her play buddy as she always wants to play with me all the time and its so sweet. When shes in the garden and i go out there with her she will go in a bush and jump out at you and then when u chase her she runs and hides again nd pounces on you when your not looking!!!!! sweet. I'm 14 by the way. :D
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