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I went through a couple weeks of slowly reintroducing my cat Boaz to my Dad's cat Posie and my brother's cat Asher (all live in the same house). I was able to get Posie and Boaz to tolerate each other, but now Boaz and Asher absolutely hate each other and will take any opportunity they can to fight with each other, so I have to keep the boy cats separated 24/7. Asher sprays and we have a huge problem with outdoor cats that keep coming onto our property, so that doesn't help matters. Any advice you can offer is much appreciated! The stress is weighing heavy on everybody!

Just a thought: I wonder how the boy cats would react to each other if Posie was in the room with them? Would having another cat in the room to focus on besides each other make them any less likely to go after each other? I'd only test it with both boy cats on leashes, though, because they are so quick to go after each other.
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