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What to do?

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So my friend told me that someone she works with has a cat that just had kittens, and asked if I wanted one. I decided I am ready for another cat, so I asked her some more info. Here is the scoop:

This guy has multiple outdoor cats that are not spayed/neutered and they "just keep getting pregnant" (DUH!) She previously got a kitten from him from another litter at 7 weeks. I told her that is way too young to take them from their mother, and she said that he just doesn't know what to do with all of them. What I would love to do is to take the mom along with the babies, and foster them until I can find good homes for them, and get the mom spayed. The problem is, I live in an apartment and do not have the space to take on such a task.

How can I convince this guy to keep the kittens longer?? I am going to search around for some rescues in the area, maybe one of them will be willing to help. Any ideas would be appreciated, I have never really had to deal with a situation like this and I don't want to just ignore it.
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I'm not sure what advice to give. If the cats remain unspayed they'll produce kittens that produce more and so on. The males that are unneutered will kill kittens to drive the mothers back into breeding.

If you could find people who love cats you might try getting the kittens/cats homes that way. You could try a no kill shelter or maybe try to help him find spay/neuter assistance?
Is there some way to convince this guy that he needs to get all of the cats spayed/neutered? I am at a loss.

I guess I shouldn't be so worried, I havent even talked to the guy yet. I just want to do the right thing.
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