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Not NM as it seems to be kitty specific, and simba still went after NM application.

Ive tried the peroxide recipe, and straight vinegar. Both seem to work well for getting the stains out, but not the smells. For smell specifically, what works? Im hesitant to have the rug sent in because they will just use household cleaners that wont work againt cat pee smell. or likely wont work.

So, for smell specifically, what works?

(i soaked one half of the carpet in the peroxide recipe, and the other in vinegar to compare results. both seem to have worked on the stain part. but the smell is still there. Should i just keep soaking the carpet until theres no more smell? How will we know if they can still smell it just cuz we cant? do black lights pick up smell also or just hte urine itself?)
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