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I feed them Lick Your Chops Lamb and Brown Rice (their favorite) and PetGuard Chicken and Wheat Germ Dinner. Occasionally I'll feed something else for variety, usually Evolve chicken or turkey, Lick Your Chops turkey or chicken. I don't feed beef or fish because they make Sunshine throw up. Ember is allergic to Wellness, so that's out too. I only feed canned food; dry food isn't very good for cats (they're meant to eat meat, not lots of grains, and they're supposed to get moisture with their food), and it's terrible for cats with IBD, which Ember has (although she's doing very well).

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Thanks, Leopard ... a real eyeopener. One of my kittens is very fussy ... maybe it's because of the quality of the regular cat food I've been giving them. I'll have to do a better job of picking out their food.
daffy :wink: Dave

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Iams? IAMS?!

Okay, I am pissed off. I have read about the poor quality of grocery store cat food before, but this is the first time I have seen Iams mentioned.

Iams is an expensive cat food. My husband and I are both very poor college students. We make maybe $20,000 per year but we feed our cats Iams because we thought it was one of the better foods and it's the only thing we can feed Mouser without him throwing it up... we buy this stuff in spite of the fact that we live on ramen noodles and sandwhiches made with two deli thin slices of meat. Because of our schedule and absent-mindedness it would be very hard for us to switch to a canned food (not to mention the $$$). I don't know what to do! Help me please.

- koneko

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Hi Koneko-- I can relate because am a poor grad student too! My mom jokes that my cat eats better than me, lol. I started my cat off on Purina One, but have since been trying better quality foods that don't have by prodicts or corn. You don't really spend that much more money in the long run because the bags last longer, she doesn't have to eat as much per day. My latest experiment if Felidae, the ingredients are so much better than most commercial brands and it is a smaller company. A lot of people on this board seem to recommend it, and a local pet store carries bags of the dry food so I thought I'd give it a try. It was $8 for a 5lb bag, I think you can also get in 20lb. It took my cat a couple of days to come around but now she loves it! I also give her a bit of IAMS canned food (I only go through about one can per week), I'd like to give her something better but any other wet food I've tried she hasn't liked and is expensive. I've heard that it isn't good to feed an all canned diet because dry food helps to keep their teeth healthy. Has anyone else heard that?

Also, this article makes "meal" sound bad, but I thought that it was better to have, say, chicken meal as opposed to chicken as the top ingredient. So now I'm confused.

This article grossed me out! So sad that companies get away with this.

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Leapord: I see that you enjoyed my link in a former posts recently.

That is a good informative website, I'm glad some of you have read it.

catman: What is with the rolling of the eyes?

Leapord: Not all dry food is bad, the right dry food has more high quality meat then anything else, while yes it is lower in moisture, that's just a battle which is worth it to me for healthy teeth & gums (wet food doesn't offer this) But I recommend fresh water 24/7 for cats and better yet a pet fountain, and an occasional treat of wet food so they do get enough water. Most dogs and cats do not have enough moister in their daily diet, and true enough it can cause problems.
Good luck with Ember!

Sol: I'm just curious as to what Royal Canin Formula you are feeding, cause it varies. RC is either mostly chicken and corn, or chicken rice and corn.

Koneko: The quality of foods like Iam's and SD and several others can be pretty deciving, but don't be too confused about it. Over years, I have banged my head against the wall trying to find the best cat food, but with very shallow pockets so to speak!
Then I finally realized, that for the most part, the best foods are out there, are not more expensive in the long run, some of them might even be cheaper then what you pay for low grade and medium grade commercial foods.

Tiggs: Your not the first one to have been confused before. There are a lot of varied definitions out there of what "meal" is, and can be taken out of context from it's constant association with "meat meal". There is some information out there which is incorrect, and/or outdated.
Meal is simply a term for meat with moisture removed.
Depending on the source the manufacturor desides to use, organic, human grade, etc etc, depends on if it is any good or not. If in doubt, ask said food manufactuor, they should have nothing to hide.

Here is a fairly complete lists of dry kibble in the usa, and some found in other countries of the best of the best dry kibble for cats out there.
Some you might have to search for locallly, or on an official website to find a retailer or even buy online.

Frist Grade Cat Food:
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul - Adult, Kitten
Evolve - Kitten, Maintenance
Holistic Blend
Natural Balance
Newman's Own Organics - Cat/Kitten
Solid Gold
California Natural
TimberWolf Organics - Serengeti Herbal

Second Grade Cat Food:
Nature's Recipe - Adult
Sensible Choice
Lick Your Chops
Natures Variety

Third Grade Cat Food:
Breeders Choice - Avo-Derm
Bil - Jac
Eagle Pack
Flint River Ranch
Natural Life - Adult, Kitten
Nutro Max
Nutro Natural Choice
Premium Edge
Pro Pac
Pro Plan
Purina ONE
Royal Canin
Wysong - Uretic, Vitality
Maxximum Nutrition

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So Iams is bad then?

Hi, I feed my 2 year old male tabby Iams, I have been for a year now, since bringing him home. SO if thats not a good food for him. what other choices do I have, Can you list me some?? Price is no object, I just want him well. Thanks again!!! :D

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I wrote in another post else where, but I am now told that Purina ONE is not good. I have looked at the list given, and I cant find many of those kinds. and I will not order on line. Costs to much to ship to Canada.

SO is this food ok or not?? I looked at all the food in the stores I looked at and found lots to list by products as first or about ingredients. This is one that I found no by products or anything. It does list Corn Gluten mean, then chicken, wheat flour, brewers rice , whole grain yellow corn, tallow preserved with mixed ticopherols, egg product, phosphoric acid, caldium carbonate, potassium chloride, natural flavors, safl, deflourinated phosphace, l-lysine, dried whet and so on.
So what do you think??
thanks, all the help, helps!

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Ok, I'm really tired, but quickly and breifly...

First 1-3 (preferably 2+) ingredients should be a REAL meat, aka chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, or Chicken Meal, Lamb Meal etc.
Meats listed as "Poultry Meal, Meat Meal etc" do NOT count, stay away from that.

If a food starts with corn, your better off feeding them random left over trash from your garbage can for the most part. :)

Basically stay away from any corn ingredients, and by-product ingredients as well.

It can be hard to find one of the top grade foods, you can search their website by looking them up on a search engine, and their official website will having a listing of local retailers near you.
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